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Our Communities

Parson's Green

Embrace Americana

Facing lush and lovely greenspaces, Parson's Green embodies a truly pedestrian friendly neighborhood with classic and timeless architecture. Kids of all ages will enjoy sounds of the children's music garden and reading the lyrics along the windchime promenade. Live here where you will feel right at home strolling the quaint streets and visiting new neighbors.

Scotch Creek

Dive Into the Hip and Modern

Scotch Creek is like walking into a fresh urban neighborhood with close proximity to a rare urban jewel, North Lake. The tree lined streets are filled with contemporary urban architecture creating a refreshing feel surrounded by crisp, clean lines. It's a place to be active, fit and jump into the energy of the open communal spaces in a vibrant and electric community. Residents are living in the heart of the community, with close access to the Scotch Creek pool, fitness center and clubhouse.

Sycamore Park

The Past Meets the Present

With vintage signs painted on romantic industrial style buildings, Sycamore Park will remind you of the neighborhoods in Brooklyn or Chicago – districts that haven't lost sight of their history and take pride in their brick exteriors and industrial roots. For those who like to be outdoors, hanging out with good friends and great neighbors, you'll enjoy the activities, pool, sand volleyball court, and dog park. Residents are drawn to Sycamore Park's hip vibe, gritty design and funky, retro energy of the neighborhood.